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The Stick People

The Stick People are a rather unknown people, although they are all around us. Occasionally they communicate w/humans, but can be hard to understand, as our views of the world are so different.

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Stick People start as part of a tree. They can be branches, trunks or roots. Branches are the most common of the Stick People as they are more likely to break off or be cut from the tree. Trunks & roots tend to be less social w/humans.

When a Stick Person finds their way to me, we start a dialog. First they guide me to the rough shape they are to take, what parts need to be taken off & what needs to stay. Sometimes they need to be straightened or a part needs to be wound around or bent, so time in the water barrel is required. Sometimes they require less forming.

As the bark comes off I understand them better. That’s when I learn their final shape. Once they shine through each is sanded by hand. They let me know what needs to be softened & usually that’s the time they share their name.

Once the name is known it is burned on up near the handle. A protection is applied & smoothed. Occasionally a Stick Person desires some sort of ornamentation. Beads, bells, feathers, charms, etc.

Stick People watch our world. They provide homes for the birds, shade for the world, and oxygen for us. Sometimes they live for decades, sometimes a season. Sometimes they end up as a chew toy for a dog or fuel for our fires. But I have met a group who wish to become a part of our world & share themselves. They wish to be adopted into the right family. Some are just the right size to help you with yoga.